premo - The new, powerful actuator platform

  • premo® is the first fully scalable platform: highly flexible and secure usage, energy efficient and unique connectivity, productivity and precision.

  • premo® SP Line – the entry level class: Optimum performance for all positioning tasks, short cycle times through low backlash and high rigidity at very good positioning accuracy

  • premo® TP Line – the dynamic class: Precision for positioning and processing tasks, high torsional rigidity and lowest backlash enable high acceleration and control quality

  • premo® XP Line – the extra class: versatile in almost all sectors, maximum power density with high torsional rigidity and radial forces

Absolute precision meets perfect movement: premo combines precision with motion – as efficiently as never before.

The first fully scalable servo-actuator platform is an uncompromising flexibility from the viewpoint of the user. The result is a modular system that is significantly more versatile and more individual with regard to performance for the most diverse applications, that meets almost all the challenges of automation, integration and industry specification. The core of the motor/gearbox unit is a torsionally rigid precision gearbox with low backlash and excellent torque density in conjunction with the equally powerful, permanently excited synchronous servo motor, which guarantees low cogging and a constant speed through the distributed winding.

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  • premo® SP Line: Basic configuration with smooth output shaft and resolver
  • premo® TP Line: Basic configuration with output flange and HIPERFACE® absolute encoder singleturn, SIL 2
  • premo® XP Line: Basic configuration with smooth output shaft and HIPERFACE DSL® absolute encoder, single-turn, SIL 2

Individual upgrading of all lines possible due to a variety of options. 




Maximum freedom in design:

  • Intelligent system with diverse gearbox outputs
  • Short installation lengths as optimum design basis in the case of restricted floor space
  • For example, simplified design for a low interference contour even on small machines

Maximum machine reliability and investment protection:

  • Intelligent, energy-efficient product concept
  • Lower investment due to smaller controllers with reduced consumption of acceleration current
  • Less wiring and smaller drag chains through single-cable connection
  • Higher holding torque for short emergency stop
  • Reduced risk of failure thanks to functional reliability in the encoder 

High bus voltage and absolute connectivity to system providers:

  • Enhanced performance through bus voltage up to 750 V DC
  • Interfaces for EnDat 2.2
  • DRIVE-CLiQ partial in single-cable technology 

Resistant and easy-to-clean actuator surface: 

  • High-quality design without screw heads for optimum cleaning conditions and high value stability




premo® SP Line

  • 3 frame sizes 
  • Acceleration torque up to 315 Nm 
  • Max. backlash up to 3 arcmin 
  • Torsional rigidity up to 31 Nm/arcmin

premo® TP Line

  • 3 frame size 
  • Acceleration torque up to 380 Nm 
  • Max. backlash up to 1 arcmin 
  • Torsional rigidity up to 83 Nm/arcmin

premo® XP Line

  • 3 frame size 
  • Acceleration torque up to 455 Nm 
  • Max. backlash ≤ 1 arcmin
  • Torsional rigidity on request




In addition to the standard version in the respective product line, optional encoder systems with the protocols EnDAT 2.1/2.2, HIPERFACE, HIPERFACE DSL® and DRIVE-CLiQ are available. 

Temperature sensor:
Choose from PTC or KTY.

Electrical connection:
Straight or right-angled version and single-cable connection for DSL protocol.

Pin assignment:
For a number of servo controllers, we offer special pin assignments for power and signal.

Operating voltage:
Depending on the application and servo regulator, windings for 320 and 560 V DC are available.

Select from the standard lubrication with oil or grease as well as food-grade grease and oil.

Gearbox model:
Within the respective product line, there are different versions of output and housing flange. 

Maximum backlash:
To improve precision, the gearbox backlash can be optionally reduced.

Holding brake:
A suitable permanent-magnet holding brake adapted to the motor power is available.



  • Our rack and pinion systems enable the coupling of servo actuator, pinion and rack in the most effective manner. Available are High Performance pinion for premo® XP Line and Premium Class RTP pinion for premo® TP Line, Performance and High Performance Class racks.
  • Special system cables support the high performance of the machine most effectively and therefore represent the optimal system expansion „directly from the manufacturer“. All the cables are characterized by excellent quality and are compatible with drag chains.