Servo drives

Servo drives from WITTENSTEIN are characterized by very high power density. In addition to their compact design, maximum flexibility for even the most challenging motion tasks is ensured by the multiple interfaces and different protection classes. At the same time, it is vital that our servo drives are easy to use and operate reliably – saving you time and money.

Our servo drives portfolio

WITTENSTEIN’s portfolio of servo drives comprises two separate series. The cyber simco® line consists of intelligent, single-axis servo drives for sine-commutated servo motors in the extra-low voltage range up to a maximum of 60 VDC and 100 A nominal output current. The compact housings can be supplied with IP20 or IP65 protection. Several fieldbus interfaces are available – CANopen, EtherCAT, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, SERCOS III and TCP/IP – to ensure compatibility with all of the most popular controllers in the engineering industry.

Our POWER-IQ drives are a series of compact motor drives with very high power density. Converters with up to 750 VDC supply voltage offer peak capacities of 250 kVA and enable torque or speed control of permanent magnet synchronous motors – by means of optional field weakening, even above the nominal motor speed.

Andra produkter från WITTENSTEIN koncernen

WITTENSTEIN koncernen integrerar alla huvudsakliga tekniker i världen för elektromekaniska drivsystem. Våra innovationer utgör ständigt nya milstolpar. Vårt produktutbud omfattar allt från medicinteknik till piezodrivningar och integrerad elektronik.