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System solutions

The ability to meet such a wide range of smooth running, positioning accuracy and feed force requirements is what sets our system solutions apart from the rest. The predefined preferred systems based on our Value, Advanced and Premium Linear Systems make it easy to select the optimum system for your application. We can also offer you numerous individually configurable system solutions. Systems with straight toothing, which are additionally suited for combinations with girth gears, round off the portfolio. Simple mounting and perfect integration in the drive train are the hallmarks of our system solutions.

cymex® 5 – our sizing software – helps you select the most suitable system quickly and easily.

Benefits of our system solutions

Apart from low-backlash planetary gearboxes, you can also purchase matching servo right-angle and worm gearboxes or servo actuators for our system solutions. A single solution to satisfy the most diverse requirements. Optimally harmonized components, extremely smooth running as well as high positioning accuracy and feed force – coupled with maximum power density, rigidity, quality and reliability – are the outstanding advantages of our system solutions. Our linear systems offer innovative drive and assembly solutions.
Expert consulting and support round off the portfolio.

We are at your side – from the initial concept design through installation to a seamless supply of spare parts.

System solutions with innovative installation concepts

Our Value Linear Systems are specifically designed for linear applications in the value segment with comparatively low smooth running, positioning accuracy and feed force requirements. Our Advanced Linear Systems are adapted to applications with medium to high smooth running, positioning accuracy and feed force requirements. Our Premium Linear Systems are optimized for applications with high to very high smooth running, positioning accuracy and feed force requirements.

In addition to system solutions, WITTENSTEIN alpha also provides innovative concepts for simple, safe and efficient installation of complete systems. Furthermore, our planetary gearboxes with an R flange are setting new standards in terms of power density, rigidity, transmittable torques and ease of installation. Without the R flange, which is the benchmark for modularity and installation simplicity together with a host of design options, linear drives would be unthinkable.

Andra produkter från WITTENSTEIN koncernen

WITTENSTEIN koncernen integrerar alla huvudsakliga tekniker i världen för elektromekaniska drivsystem. Våra innovationer utgör ständigt nya milstolpar. Vårt produktutbud omfattar allt från medicinteknik till piezodrivningar och integrerad elektronik.